OrthoHeal is one of the top promising med-tech startups of the country focuses especially on the orthopedics medical devices segment. We at OrthoHeal strive to use the technology at hand to develop devices and products that can offer an array of innovative solutions for the patients thereby providing better care for them. We emphasize on improving the patient experience while undergoing therapy and coming up with solutions for the same. We leverage our knowledge and technology to identify and provide solutions to the largely ignored patient needs in the best possible way.

Being an industry first, we have come up with a novel orthopedic immobilizer which can solve problems associated with conventional casts. FlexiOH®, the first of its type, solves three main issues associated with conventional casts which include – breath-ability, wash-ability and weight. The immobilizer has been designed to suit patient’s skin, comfortable and allows day-to-day activities with comparative ease. With FlexiOH® technology, it is sure to revolutionize the bone immobilization therapy by providing better care and comfort.

With our first step, we have come up with a product – FlexiOH® which is going to revolutionize the healing experience of patients suffering from bone fractures. FlexiOH® had designed by keeping in mind the patient comfort and ensuring effortless day to day activities. It is washable, breathable and lightweight, giving ultimate comfort during bone healing.

We take prioritize patient needs and utilize all the technology and knowledge to achieve it, making us the “patient-centric” company. Our goal is to craft products with quality, comfort, and convenience. Focused on expertly managing specialized assets, we cultivates work environment that breeds constant innovation and pursues uncompromising quality benefiting patients and doctors alike.

Several national and international granting and funding agencies has recognized OrthoHeal for its innovative product.