MiRus™ is focused on the design of innovative solutions for treatment of spinal and orthopaedic degeneration and deformities and providing comprehensive solutions to the problems facing surgeons and hospitals in spine and orthopaedic care. We are addressing the demands of today’s healthcare environment with an integrated platform of pre-operative, intra-operative, and post-operative solutions utilizing our proprietary novel alloys, innovative implant designs, groundbreaking surgical navigation and advanced analytics to improve outcomes over the continuum of care.

EXPECTING and DOING MoRe for our customers and patients. MiRus has developed a new proprietary medical implant material MoRe (molybdenum rhenium). MoRe® represents over 15 years of R&D and is dramatically superior to current medical alloys such as Titanium and Cobalt Chromium; MoRe is much stronger, more fatigue resistant, more biofriendly and generates far lower levels of metal ions in tissue. MiRus has launched a line of transformational spine MoRe implants which are much smaller, more durable and biologically superior.